Bob Walker -

Japanese Tropical sun helmet. Original WWII with star
 on front, complete liner,chinstrap and 3 tabs to attach over
 metal helmet. Near unissued condition.
 #1318                                       Sold

Japanese Type 90 Helmet. Original WWII 
with full original paint, front star, headliner,
 pads, chinstrap.
 # 1317                   Sold

German Field Telephone. Original WWII Nazi Army phone with Waffen emblem on hand piece. Good original 
condition showing scuffs and wear but no visible damage.  It uses a dry cell battery, not included. 
 Additional photos available.
 #1389                                                                                      Sold
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Swagger stick. Most likley German WWII vintage.
 Heavy metal fittings seem to be pewter. Shaft is
 of a maroon color hardwood. It does not unscrew or
have a pull out dagger. In like new condition with
a slight warp due to years of horizontal storage.
 #1263                                            Sold
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1st Model Luftwaffe dagger.This is a second type
 with aluminum handle and fittings. Made by SMF and
 so marked on the blade. Complete including full 
original chain and hanger. Original deep blue leather
 with very little wear and few bruises. Near perfect frosted finish on handle contrasts the mirror finish 
plated blade. Screws appear untouched. They don't
 get much better.
# 1322                         Sold

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German helmet WW1 & WWII. Reissued WWI 
model helmet. Many WWI helmets were refurbished
 and used by the German army until 1943 when supply
 of newer model helmets became available.
A relic example with no paint left and surface rust
 but not rusterd through or dented. A good example 
to restore.

  #1329                                  sold

German WWII helmet.  Model 1935 with stamped 
vent holes. Earlier models that had separate vents
 added into the sides of the helmet. A standard of 
the Nazi army.  A  relic example with no original 
paint and surface rust but not rusted through or 
dented.  Exterior has been repainted at some time. 
A good example to restore.
  #1330                                 sold
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American "Brodie" helmet. Used by US troops
in both  WWI and early WWII. This would seem 
to be WWII due to the web chinstrap. Complete
 with air vent on top but no liner. Their is some
 minor denting on top and about 50% of original
 paint remains. A nice representative example.

  #1331                             Sold

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US Military Drill Instructor liner.
Painted light green with red tape stripes for visibility. A Drill Instructor decal is 
on the left side and First Sargent stripes
on the front.  Drill Instructor is a
temporary rating. The shield is just used
 while in that position and then returned 
not retained so few examples are
available. Some deterioration to the
removable sweat band.
  #1332                       sold
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US Helmet and liner. complete with chinstrap
 and sweatband.  Near perfect original paint 
with no damage and markings inside or out. 
Korean war to Viet Nam. A Nice, complete example.
 # 1333                                 Sold

German Combat Police helmet. Complete beaded  M40 Combat Police helmet with double decals. 
Eight tab liner on galvanized band with original felt insert. Chinstrap loops have been removed from 
liner band. In what appears to be a field repair the chinstrap has been riveted  directly to the liner 
band. Marked inside with owners name and unit.
#1341                                            Sold
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German Luftwaffe helmet. Model M40 Luftwaffe helmet. It has an 8 tab liner and 
chin strap with square rings. Stamped with both size and batch number. Original decal 
has been removed but outline is clearly visible. 
   # 1340                                                                          Sold
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Heer helmet Double decal. M35 helmet with seperate vent lugs pressed in. Both decals are original. The band is steel
 with square chinstrap rings and a seven finger liner. The top string is present. The batch number is present but stamped 
lightly and not legable. The size stamp - IS68.
 # 1339                                                                                       Sold
German WWII Red Cross Helmet. Gloss black possibly period repainted with its original single decal still present.
Complete liner is present including its dome pad and original split rivets but drawstring is missing. Helmet is ID'd
with owners name and his unit or location where he served written on liner. The liner is clearly marked with its
size 59. Chin strap is missing.
 #1342                                                                                 Sold
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German Luftwaffe helmet. Model M40 Luftwaffe helmet. Vent holes are pressed and it has a zink coated steel band with
 square chin strap rings. A good amount of the original liner remains but no chin strap or top string. Stamped with both
 size -OKO 64 and batch number 12230. It has its original textured paint and the decal is present with minor chipping. 
  # 1346                                                                                                 Sold
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German Teller land mine. This is a deactivated Teller anti-tank land mine. It is a copy used for training 
made by the Americans. It is complete (except for explosives) including the fuse assembly on top
 # 1377                                                                                   Sold
Japanese WWII Helmet. This is a Japanese Security Police helmet. It is constructed of a light weight steel 
and it has a rib on the top center that may have been done to reinforce the helmet due to its thin metal construction. 
It is complete with its fabric liner, the original full length chin strap and front star emblem. One attachment prong
of the emblem is missing but the star is tight to the helmet, held on possibly with some type of adhesive. This was
issued as it has two sets of Japanese characters that I can not read. 
 #1439                                                                                          Sold
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Luftwaffe Buckle. includes belt tab 
Maker stamp E.W.Addmann & Sohne 1941
Missing catch on reverse.

  # 1499                     Sold
Luftwaffe belt with buckle. Belt tab is 
Belt and buckle appear unused and original 
to each other. Ink stamped (red) on belt surface.
Near impossible to upgrade, 99% paint.

# 1500                                  Sold
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