Bob Walker -

  Confederate canteen, cedar with forged iron bands. Incredibly it still has the original corn cob stopper! Wooden slats are shrunken and steel bands loose from age as they should be.  Initials "JC" carved in one side.   A large  10" x 7"      
  # 730                                        $ 975
Patriotic Knife. Civil War era Sterling Silver
 pocket knife with sides having the shield 
design, not just front. Blade boldly Hallmarked.
 Front of handle is period engraved "Sarah ". 
Most likely a gift from a loved one to a soldier.
 Knife shows normal wear for age with just a
 minor wrinkle near the tip of the blade.
locking mechanisim does not function properly 
at present but may be an easy fix. 
A great Civil War display piece.
 # 1416                          Sold
Life and works of Abraham Lincoln, complete 
9 Volume hard cover 1907 Centenary edition.
 His letters, speeches debates etc.
 Used, in very good condition for its age
    # 401                                            $ 60
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Soldier w/ full gear. A great three quarter view, 
1/4 plate ambro type of a Union soldier. He is in
his great coat with cape, McDowell forage cap,
waist belt and shoulder belt, both with gold painted 
enhancement, cartridge box, cap box and scabbard 
under left arm. Musket has bayo attached.
Housed in a half case. A super image!

# 706      dllbes              $ 320

Artillery soldier tintype, photo of a young federal
 soldier. Full length view  holding his rifle and 
wearing a kepi with crossed cannons. Clear image
with tinted cheeks. No case                 
Large half plate size.
   # 718              hcee                                 $290
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Traveling Medical Scale kit. Appears close to complete. Five original weights plus one additional. Original tin case has an eagle stencil on top but may be a repaint. Shows expected dings from use. Hinge is fine but needs to be re-soldered to lower section.                     Not easy to find this complete.
 # 603                                                   Sold
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Fife, Civil War or earlier. A beautiful Rosewood fife with early 1/2" non-tapered silver ferruls on ends and correct flare at mouth hole, all correct Civil War. No cracks or defects. Unmarked- 16 1/4" long. Correct and tough to upgrade on   
  # 539                           sold
Box Spurs. So called due to the stud that fits into a box or hole in the back of the boot heal to keep the spur in place A nice complete nickel silver matched pair with full rowels that would have been officer purchased .   Will polish near perfect!
   #  187                         $ 185

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Patriotic Knife. Civil War era Sterling Silver pocket or fruit knife.  
Side of case is engraved  " C.A.Stearns". Most likely a gift from
 a loved one to a soldier. Features an additional engraving 
of "Christmas 1864" on the main blade. A second blade/pick is present.
 Knife shows normal wear for age and functions properly.
   # 1404                                                                           SOLD

Armed soldier tintype. A  1/4 plate tintype of a fierce
 looking lad holding what appears to be a Remington
 pistol in one hand and a sword with the scabbard 
and belt in the other hand. The cap with tassle
 and light color pant lead me to believe he is a Zouave.
 Looking close he has at least one black eye!
 A very desirable subject in a full case.

#578               bketteh                   $330
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Caltrop. Also known as horse hobblers or road stars. These pointed, cast iron weapons were thrown onto the roadway to disable pursing cavalry. The horses after stepping on them would be disabled. Cast in several odd shapes. Large are about 1"-1 1/2" across. Sold by the pair, one large and one small, our choice.
# caltrop             sold

    Martingale, Federal shield and tacks.         Leather is somewhat dry but not brittle. Shield
   and all tacks are present. A great find at a
   reasonable price.

  #910                           Sold
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Officers Escusion.  A large 18" x 22" war record for
DR  James H. Waterman, Surgeon, commissioned 
into the 46th Mass Infantry serving from
October 30, 1862  to July 29, 1863. According 
to the regimental history  at the start of July 1863 
parts of the  46th were  ordered to the Baltimore
area in response to Lees invasion of Pennsylvania. 
Being a Surgeon, Dr Waterman most likely was sent
with that detail to assist in attending to the many                     
casualty's of the Gettysburg battle.
​ Their is a light water  stain along the top edge that 
does not affect the graphics. It is still bright and 
attractive, house in its original quarter sawn oak 
frame that has been cleaned and refinished.
Comes with his service and pension records from
 the national Archives.  Waterman died of services 
related disabilities at the age 52 in 1887
.This piece deserves additional research
  # 1265                          $ 350
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      Original 32 star flag dates from 1858 (Minnesota). Additional 33rd star,1859 (Oregon) and 34th star,1861 (Kansas) are period hand
    sewn into canton. This is an original flag that was used from before and through the Civil War. The additional stars were added as the
    new states came into the Union. Edging on the hoist has hand sewn grommets and the letters "JAW" written on it ink. Flag came from 
    an estate and has been in a private, smoke free collection for 30 years. Size of flag is 43" x 80". Original stars are printed. Both
    added stars were first cut out and then a white star was sewn onto one side and is visible through the cutout.
       # 1433                                                                                                     $ 3,500
Tin Type. Nice quarter plate tin type of Union soldier in an ornate period Gutta-percha frame. 
Soldier has musket with sling and bayonet. Belt with US plate, cap box and scabbard. 
Shoulder belt has eagle plate and cartridge box. Wonderful Hardie hat with infantry device. 
His coat is equip with not often seen shoulder scales. Frame has small damage to one corner,
and has 2 piece brass frame insert and glass.
            # 571                                                                                                     SOLD