Bob Walker -

 Confederate T64 note, mot popular of the the CSA notes featuring Stonewall Jackson. This is the light red variety. Interesting and uncommon printing error on this specimen of several light black overprints near Jackson (visable in photo). A crisp note near uncirculated. A $495 note reduced due to numerous barely visable pin holes on lower section. From my own collection.  A great value
  # 911                                                     Sold
 Confederate Arms maker Cook & Brother one dollar note. Cook & Brother started making rifles and bayonets for the CSA but the government had no money to pay them so Cook & Bro. issued their own notes as payment for their debts. C&B operated in New Orleans from June 1861 until the fall of the city in April '62. This note is dated July 1861 in N.O. A rare note when found they sell for $325-350 in this condition. Bargain priced!       
   # 1014                                              No longer available
 Sutler token, 1st Reg US Cavalry - V. Beaudry
 A California unit, they spent their entire time fighting in the east and were present at Appamatox. Beaudry was one of the very few sutlers to have a $1 token. Rated R9 
(5 or less known). Not dug and with little wear. Holed as these tokens are sometimes found possibl;y to sew inside a pocket to prevent theft or loss.
  # 1222                                             $ 550
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call-  203-994-5390  or  email-
call-  203-994-5390  or  email-
Sutler note - Scotts 900 United States Cavalry. This was actually the 11th NY Cavalry, known as Scotts 900. Originally formed in Staten Island from Dec '61 thru May '62 it then recruruted in many areas of NY. 
 The unit saw service from Washington to Florida where many died when a steamer they were on sank in on Dec. 22, 1864. A popular and attractive note in good condition.
 #912                                    sold
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call-  203-994-5390  or  email-
Sutler token, 2nd PA ARTy -Wm E.WOOD. 
This Unit, organised in 1861 served to the wars end. Listed as an R-6 with less than 75 known. This 25ct token is the only denomination shown for this sutler or Regiment and would explain its heavy use. A couple of dings but still good, very collectible and affordable, for a sutler token
Looks better in person
  #1241                        reduced  $ 295

S.E.WARD  U.S.A. - FORT LARAMIE D.T. - 50cts                 $650
     Dekota Territory,   A50C,  R7,   UNC
J.K.ALEXANDER - SUTLER - 33' IND. REG. -  5cts             Sold
   Indiana,  F5C,  R8,  EF
      minor warp common on thin copper planchards
 J.C.BENTON - FORTY FIRST REGT ILL V.  -  10cts            $450
   Illinois,   I10C,   R6,   EF,
     few minor dirt spots
J.A.GARMAN - SUTLER - 54 - PA. VOL.  -  50cts                 $345
  Pennsylvania,   I50B, R6,  UNC
    A few small scattered spots