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Camp Items
  Original CW soldiers shaving cup complete with rare soap insert that is usually missing. This is the harder to find Lg 4-3/4"x4"  style cup. No rust  and soap dish is not rotted through. Hard to find one better than this and reasonably priced
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Camp Items
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call- 203-994-5390  or  email-
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Soldiers travel Knife, fork & spoon. A nice period unmatched set. The knife and fork slide inside each other to protect both pieces. The spoon is made of pewter and folds against the handle. All with wood handles.  While not a matched set they are close and were probably used this way.
         A good representative set and fairly priced.
      # 566                                                             Sold
  Canteen or grease container, early and possibly confederate. Handmade of iron with a "rat tail" handle. Complete including the handmade chain, brass spout and screw in stopper with visible file marks.  A small 4 1/2" x 2 1/2" plus spout and handle. With the small spout it could have been used for bear grease with the iron body helping to heating it up to flow out. With the handle folded down the canteen rests upright at a 45% angle. I have seen this style canteen also called a confederate medical canteen due to the handle. Cowans sold a similar one they considered confederate missing the chain they sold it for $375.  
    My price with chain -
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 Slate pencils - Original unused Civil War slate pencils with patriotic paper sleeve. Paper is fragile and may have minor defects.   
   # 564/1                           Price ea    $ 15           

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call- 203-994-5390  or  email-
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 Match safe, ID'd -" D.P.Avery 9th N.H.V."
  This  tin match safe has the Civil War soldiers name and unit 
scratched into the surface very lightly and faded with age.​ 
It is in great condition. 
The records list Avery as deserting twice from the Navy and
then once from the Army  at Antietem on 9/17/62.  
Comes with his history. 
  #798                                     SOLD
 Candle holder, candle sits in top. It has one spike sticking out the side and another sticking out the bottom. It was meant to be stuck in a log or tent pole when used.
 An uncommon item that when found is usually a dug relic. This is an original, unused, mint condition piece made of zinc plated iron. 
  You will never need to upgrade on this find
 # 797                           $ 195
 Carbine bore brush. Used to clean the bore on early breech loading carbines by dropping the leather thong through the barrel and pulling it out the other end. Often the thong breaks completely off or is less than full length.  This brush is Civil War unused surplus and till still has the full length tong attached. Last one available. 
 # 385                                                $ 85                                                               
 Cavalry picket pin. Original Civil War pin, full length and still has the rotating ring at top. The pin was driven into the ground and the horses lead was tied to the ring that rotated so the horse could walk around the pin. This pin is not a dug relic, it has only minor surface pitting on the top. 
 # 858                          Sold
Tin drinking cup, typical of the type Civil War soldiers purchase from sutlers. Not a dug relic with only light surface rust. Will clean up nicely.
 # 907                          $ 45
Civil War era Patriotic pocket knife. Sterling silver knife with
 central shield motif of Stars and Bars on both front and back of
 case. Shield  has 13 stars. Front is engraved "Sarah", obviously a
 gift from a wife or other loved one to a soldier. Has dings and
 dents as would be expected. Blade does not appear to have ever 
been sharpened but tip does have a very slight wrinkle. Blade is 
complete with three original hallmarks. Catch for blade is broken 
(and may be repairable) so it does not stay closed but knife still
 displays beautify. Overall length is 3 1/4" 
  An impressive piece under priced due to condition.
# 1416                                          SOLD
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call- 203-994-5390  or  email-
Patriotic Match safe.  A brass soldiers pocket match safe with 
a classic patriotic design on both front and reverse. It is well used
 with many small dents but still in good condition. 
Original top and hinge function properly. 
  # 1523                                            SOLD