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​ NAVAL GUNNERY INSTRUCTIONS / Barrett                                        personal copy book of E.E,Taylor - ID'd
 with several pages of his hand written notes
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                               Text of letter
                                       Uptons Hill Va. 5 P.M. June 21st 1863
                                           Head Quarters Penna Reserves

                  I have just returned from an interview with Gen’l
             Hooker – I found him alone and he gave me the foll –
          owing information. Pleasanton started early this morning
          towards Snickers Gap with ordersto carry the Gap, and
           pass through the Valley to ascertain the position, and
          where- abouts of Lee’s Infantry. This accounts for the 
          firing you have doubtless heard, and which has become
          more & more distant.
               It is not known where Lee is, although
         Gen’l H. now supposes that he now intends to march
         towards Pittsburg. We held the Bull Run mountains.
         Meade has one or two Brigades at Snickers Gap,
         where the fighting is going on. We hold Throughfare
         Gap also. Lee has a force at Sharpsburg. Gen’l Duffie
          passed through the gap near Aldie on Thursday
          with only 275 men. The enemy retired and he continued
          towards Middleburgh. His command took a number 
          of prisoner’s (infantry men) from Longstreets Corps.
          The enemy surrounded Gen’l Duffie at Middleburgh,
          he fought them till night, having lost nearly all his of -
          ficers. He then ordered his prisoners to be shot.
          ( about 120 or so ) and sending part of his command in
          one direction he cut his way through and escaped, he
          passed through Hopeville, the other part of his com-
          mand went northward.
                                                  Gen’l Hooker told me he dared
                                      (seperate sheet)
          not cross the Potomac now. He believed that Major
          Gen’l Lee had yielded to the pressure from Rich –
          mond. He thinks now that Pittsburg is threatened.
          His force at Leesburg is strong.                                                                                                                            Very Respectfully
                                                           Your friend 
                                                             S. W. Crawford
                                           ( Brigadier Gen’l Sam W. Crawford)

                                          (written on reverse)
                                        June 21st 1863
                                        Letter to Heintzleman
                                         reporting interview
                                         with Hooker

              Samuel W. Crawford (Brig. Genl., U.S.V.; temporary commander V corps; 
        Commander Penn Reserves; wounded at Antietam; brevetted for Gettysburg, 
        Wilderness, etc.)  Manuscript Document,  (signed Clerical copy). 
              Headquarters Penn’a Reserves at Uptons Hill Va.: 21 June 1863. 
                This may have been Crawford’s retained copy.
             Uptons Hill Va, due to its height and strategic location was used as a headquarters for the
             Union army who built a large masonry fort and observation tower their. 

             This letter, written by Crawford to Genl. Heintzleman, was to advise him of federal troop
             movements on their way to cut off Genl. Lee, then on his way to Pennsylvania. Lee’s
             actions and these movements are considered the start of the Gettysburg campaign. 
             Crawford and his Reserves moved to Gettysburg following the writing of this letter to aid 
             in the Battle of Gettysburg.

             Document has just  undergone deacidification and framing with archival matting
                                # 1228                                                                                                                                       Sold

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Pre Gettysburg Letter;

  Brig. General,  Samuel W. Crawford​ U.S.V.

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Charleston Daily Courier.  "CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA"
Proudly printed on the mast head for all to see.
September 1863 issue. Interesting war features including front page BATTLE OF CHICKAMUNGA.
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A true war issue, May 16.1862 
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Still easily readable it has a 
visible water stain that 
could be removed.

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October 1863 issue
Many interesting war related

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Union Recruiting poster. Original and as near perfect
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