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 Last update June 2, 2019

 State of New York belt plate. This beautiful example of a SNY plate appears to have come from a ship wreck along the Atlantic coast where it spent some time in the salt water causing the iron attachment hooks to rot off. Full lead.
                              Wonderful face for display.     # 812                                              $ 395
Civil War regulation belt with US plate and brass 
retainer clip complete and original. Belt marked by 
sub inspector H,H.Hartzel(?). One hole for plate has 
an easily repaired tear. Obviously a vetern and  still                                    Reasonably priced.
​ # 1219                                      $ 375

call  203-994-5390  or email
call  203-994-5390  or email
call  203-994-5390  or email
US oval belt plate, M1839,
 It has a near perfect face with no ground action. 
 Both fasteners  and hook are all good!

   # 1400                                                    SOLD
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NCO Shoulder Belt Plate, pattern 1826. A 
non-excavated plate with good patina. a very 
nice face with no defects, full lead and all three 
attaching hooks. See O'donnell & Campbell # 455
   # 1307                                             $ 395
call  203-994-5390  or email
call  203-994-5390  or email
call  203-994-5390  or email
call  203-994-5390  or email

 Sergeant's brass shoulder scales. Original surplus Civil War, unused, complete including all mounting tabs and black buffer 
 on underside. Sergeants scales are different from enlisted men as the bottom side is also finished and has a clam shell, 
 not concave edge. They still have the original clear coating  that kept them from tarnishing. One scale has minor scuffing 
 to the clear finish that is meant to be polished off. The only flaw is a ding in the center of one scale. A great and complete example.
 # 740                                                                                        $ 375
Ames Peace flask. Very early 1st contract (1837) model. Stamped 1838 and N.P.AMES on the top. 
Also  correctly marked SYKES on the side of the spout. Inspector stamp is a small "WS" at top 
of the body. Top section is all good and complete with original spring still functioning. Spout body 
screws into top piece.  Top, original strap loop and body has had some solder added. Solder looks
 to be very old. Considering this flask was  in use during the Seminole, Mexican American and
 Civil War it is in really good shape. One of the earliest reasonable flasks you could possibly find.
#162                                        $ 295
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Letters & Numbers!

Thru the years I have accumulated many 
Civil War era Company letters and numbers. 
Some are brass some are plated. Most 
have come form of original attachment 
device on the back. Just a few are dug. 
Let me know what you need - 
size/finish etc and I will try to match it up.

                 $10 - 45 EACH 


    - ALL  50 + $400 -